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Universal Music rolls out a new platform dedicated to up-and-coming artists in Southeast Asia

Spinnup will help independent artists get their voices heard

  • Salomé Grouard
  • 19 May 2020
Universal Music rolls out a new platform dedicated to up-and-coming artists in Southeast Asia

Launched in 2013 by Universal Music, Spinnup is a global platform that helps independent artists release their music on streaming platforms like Spotify, Joox, Apple Music and Deezer while keeping royalties for themselves. After a few months of teasing, the distribution service has finally arrived in Southeast Asia, and more precisely in Singapore.

Spinnup Singapore will focus on boosting talent inside of Southeast Asia’s artistic communities and connecting new talent with UMG's labels worldwide.

"We’re thrilled Spinnup has launched in Singapore and it’s already becoming a powerful asset to our A&Rs in discovering new talent. There are more artists than ever, who have an immense passion for their music and desire to turn their dreams into reality," explained Spinnup Singapore representative Andrea Lee. "Now Spinnup provides a platform for artists at the beginning of their career journeys, where their hard work will be heard by the right ears and by a team that understands music from all genres and languages."

The initiative was launched as a way to inspire artists stuck at home to make more music by providing them with resources. To do so, they rolled out an initiative called Creators United, which is designed to be a hub for artists on lockdown. Artists can also interact with the Spinnup Community Facebook group, where there will be opportunities for live streams.

To help independent creators in the region (maybe that's you), Spinnup is offering a free single release for artists in Southeast Asia, which means getting music distributed for free with the code “SPINNUPSG”.

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