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​Bask in the beams of a three-dimensional light shower by teamLab

‘Shower³’ will be permanently installed in Shanghai

  • Elaine Chung
  • 2 October 2020
​Bask in the beams of a three-dimensional light shower by teamLab

Internationally renowned art collective teamLab has just confirmed that it would be opening a new permanent light sculpture space in Shanghai. Dubbed Shower³, the installation will immerse visitors in a three-dimensional light shower made up of a series of moving lights programmed by a Light-Sculpture-Plane technology.

For several years now, Tokyo-based teamLab has been working on a series of light sculptures that focus on the reconfiguration of space and the construction of three-dimensional objects using light. The first series was called Line and is a collection of moving lines of light. The second is called Plane and consists of works made of laser planes. Shower³ by “combines these two series to create a massive light sculpture space across an entire space, immersing people’s bodies and changing their perceptions of space".

“teamLab wants to explore the relationship between himself and the world and new perceptions through art. People divide the world into pieces for recognition and see them as independent with boundaries. We are seeking to cross the boundary of that cognition, the boundary between myself and the world, and the boundary of cognition for continuity of time. Everything exists almost miraculously on a long, long, unbounded continuity,” said teamLab in a statement.

Shower³ is part of the ‘MASTER’ platform for new era art and music, and gathers as many ‘M’ possibilities as it can for the space: Master, Medium, Modern, Music and more. The '24-hour Light And Shadow Art Interaction Space' occupies two floors inside the TX Huaihai building alongside the inaugural launch of teamLab’s first-ever nightlife concept.

Since most of us might not be able to travel to Shanghai right now, at least for now we can still experience Shower³ digitally. Get a closer look at the light installation in the video below.