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The Museum of Hangovers has opened in Shanghai

Hangovers are temporary, drunk stories are forever

  • Adrianna Cheung
  • 8 December 2022
The Museum of Hangovers has opened in Shanghai

Last Friday, December 2, marked the arrival of the Museum of Hangovers at Shanghai’s Ampire Building. The multi-floor art exhibition gives an artistic look into the chaos of drunkenness, be it by the self or others.

It’s an "unforgettable place of forgettable things", the museum self-proclaims. Within the space, visitors will encounter stories of blackout nights that some of us know all too well.

Making your way across the rooms, you can also learn about booze history and tidbits while enjoying world-known art inspired by drunken pursuits plus engage in interactive multimedia pieces. Just try not to bump into the life-size porcelain statue that may bring back those blurry memories.

Zagreb, Croatia, is the birthplace of many absurd museums (Museum of Broken Relationships, anyone?), including the Museum of Hangovers. The museum is founded by a university student, Rino Dubokovic, who came up with the idea after a night of drinking with friends and swapping funny hangover stories. Talk about liquid inspiration.

The museum’s arrival in China comes in collaboration with Social Supply who organise experiences of the f&b kind, namely FEAST and FEAST CON.

Attendees are invited to revel in a somewhat-sober experience of recalling drunken nights out at the Museum of Hangovers in Shanghai for the price of RMB99, plus a complimentary drink.

Tickets to the exhibition are currently sold out, but you can always try your luck in purchasing them here.

Adrianna Cheung is Mixmag Asia’s Culture Curator, follow her on Instagram.

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