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Thailand: Siam Modular presents Plexus II

Saturday, October 15, 2022

  • Siam Modular
  • 15 September 2022
Thailand: Siam Modular presents Plexus II

Event: Plexus II
Date: Saturday, October 15, 2022
Venue: Deep Green @ Deejai Garden, 184/1 Ratchamanka Road, Chiang Mai
Line-up: Daydream Devices, Electro Mass, Pradit Saengkrai, Project Soda, Voxmachina, Red Drum, The Lamp of Invisible Light & Wuthichai.
Entry: THB 100 (At The Door)

It’s been two years and a pandemic since the last Plexus party but finally the network is coming together again, bigger and better. Eight fully hardware-based (mostly modular) performers from across Thailand and beyond bring you live electronic music; everything from ambient to experimental, and building up to a high-octane, machine-driven techno and acid-house knees-up. Also included in this experience; modular video projections, a swimming pool and the beautiful, chilled, 420-friendly surroundings of Chiang Mai’s Deejai Garden venue.

Flying in from Hong Kong is headliner Project Soda who will be gracing the speakers with a mash-up set of acid house, IDM and jungle. Arne Venema is known for playing hardware-only live sets in underground clubs and via broadcasts worldwide from Hong Kong to London to New York — this will be his first live set in Thailand. His releases can mainly be found on Acidchicken Records and he also is part of the Crazy From Kong (CFK) collective which is the driving force behind CFK Radio (Check out a previous CFK x Mixmag collab here, and stay tuned for another one coming out real soon!).

The final hour of the event will feature the ‘Plexus Jam’ where any of the evening’s artists are invited to sync-up their gear and play together in a completely improvised, open format electronic jam. This will be a spontaneous performance, peppered with interesting and serendipitous moments where absolutely anything could happen.

Organisers Siam Modular are Thai-based designers, manufacturers and retailers of Eurorack Synthesizer Modules. Since 2018, their range of ‘Takaab’ modules has grown steadily in popularity across the international modular community. The Siam Modular workshop in Chiang Mai has become a place of pilgrimage for modular-heads holidaying in the North of Thailand. If you happen to be one of them, definitely do not miss out on Plexus II.

For more info on the event, follow Siam Modular on Instagram here.

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