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Taiwanese DJ Cloudy Ku launches new label, HER

Australia-based artist is at the forefront of gender equality in Taiwan music scene

  • Wendy Jane
  • 11 January 2020
Taiwanese DJ Cloudy Ku launches new label, HER

Ever since Taiwan legalised same-sex marriage last May, the island has become more inclusive and friendlier to the LGBTQ community – with the voice of gender equality even penetrating into the eletronic music scene.

Australia-based Cloudy Ku is a Taiwanese DJ who has established herself spinning ambient and techno, and after the milestone legislation in Taiwan she returned to her homeland to launch her own record label, HER.

Find more about Cloud Ku’s music here:

The name of the label tells a lot about its focus – female first, with a focus on sexual minorities and gender equality. Cloudy Ku has chosen the character “他” (“Ta”) in Chinese for the brand, which represents a genderless identity.

The label is hosting their first event HER: KOL CHAOS x KEYI Magazine (KEYI Studio) in Taipei this Sunday, January 12 promoting a healthier way to party – daytime – with high energy dance music. Through Cloudy Ku’s fashion connections as both model and editor, the label has invited fashion designer JENN LEE, dancer/artist Afra Lin and stylist/DJ Berlin Bunny as special guests.

‘Established in 2020 in Melbourne, Australia, and Taipei, Taiwan, HER strives to promote equality in the workplace and community for local and international musicians, artists, stage crews, and activists through discourse and dance party in both Melbourne and Taipei. HER explores issues of women’s lives and gender and supports all who make contributions to the music and art industry. Whether you were born a woman or identify as a woman or are agender, we are all allies.’ Find more information about HER on the page here.

[Via HER]