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Taiwanese DJ and producer DinPei drops his debut album

A fresh take on east meets west music culture

  • Cellia Zhang
  • 24 October 2019
Taiwanese DJ and producer DinPei drops his debut album

Taiwan's newest kid on the block DinPei released his debut album last month. Called ‘___w/ me.’, the music on the album is described as somewhere between traditional Chinese music and uninhibited electric beats.

An artist on the rise in Taiei, DinPei studied musical instruments in Taiwan and has said that traditional Chinese music has always been in his heart. But he was also intensely drawn to DJ culture after stepping into a nightclub, which led to him changing his musical path form percussion to turntables.

Even still, his music background has made a significant influence on his current style, and he's amongst very few artists in Taiwan and China who combine Chinese instruments with electronic music. His music is often described as a combination of the different cultures.

His journey began when he invested into electronic music in 2011. After graduating from the National Music Department 2016 in Taiwan, he went to study electronic music production in the Pyramid Music Production College in San Francisco and went on to win the 2016 Redbull 3Style DJ Championship in Taiwan.

After rising up the ranks thanks to gigs at Taiwan's premier nightclubs like OMNI and playing gigs with Taiwanese superstars like RayRay, this year, DinPei released his first album this year. Have a listen to ‘About life’ ft. (Tipsy Xiaoyu, RayRay) below:

‘___w/ me.’ is a six-track album, listen to it below:

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