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Taipei: PURE G presents Objekt + CCL

Saturday, February 3, 2024

  • PURE G
  • 31 January 2024
Taipei: PURE G presents Objekt + CCL

Event: PURE G presents Objekt + CCL
Date: Saturday, February 3, 2024
Time: 11pm-end
City/Country: Taiwan/Taipei
Organisers: PURE G
Venue: FINAL, 10666, Taiwan, Taipei City, Da’an District, Section 1, Fuxing S Rd, 249號號地下一樓
Line-Up: CCL, jaql, KATRINA & Objekt
- NTD800 (Before 12:30am)
- NTD900 (After 12:30am)

Tickets available at the door.

Objekt and CCL stand as unparalleled talent in the realm of electronic music, captivating dancers globally at top venues and events.

Objekt, acclaimed as one of the must-see DJs of this generation, has garnered prestigious titles such as "Best DJ of 2018" by Mixmag, "Best Mixes of 2018 and 2021," and "Best Albums of 2014 and 2018" by Pitchfork, along with "Best Mix of 2018" by Resident Advisor.

Renowned for his techno-centric DJ sets, Objekt seamlessly blends electro, house, acid, bass, d’n’b, dub, and other undefinable contemporary dance music genres. His extensive and bold song selections, combined with his adept mixing techniques, create a captivating and flawless musical experience.

Since releasing his debut EP in 2011, Objekt has stirred a whirlwind of excitement. Remixing for Radiohead and releasing acclaimed works on labels like Hessle Audio, he’s gained support from legends such as Aphex Twin and Autechre. Objekt maintains high standards for each release, challenging and redefining conventions across various dance music genres. ‘Theme From Q’ was crowned the Best Single of 2017 by Mixmag. Objekt also produced two concept albums on the avant-garde label PAN, earning a solid 8.0 score from Pitchfork for creating a world "viewable from all angles simultaneously."

CCL, recognised for her innovative and genre-defying approach, has been honoured with titles such as "Best Mixes of 2018-2020" by Pitchfork and "Best Mixes of 2018-2021" along with "Best Tracks of 2019" by Resident Advisor.

CCL defies clichés, seamlessly blending dub, bass, contemporary electronic, and expertly executed d’n’b, incorporating intricate beats with narrative finesse. With exceptional skill, she crafts kaleidoscopic visuals filled with numerous surprising details and turns, pushing the boundaries into unexpected territories. Her experimental and versatile style is praised for its bold innovation.

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