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.TAG enters its 10th year with the addition of 2 international residents

Berlin-based artists Lawrence Lee & DJ TOOL share their thoughts on joining the club with Mixmag Asia

  • Adrianna Cheung
  • 16 November 2023
.TAG enters its 10th year with the addition of 2 international residents

Chengdu club .TAG has announced it will be hosting two international talents as its new residents; Lawrence Lee and DJ TOOL.

As .TAG embarks on its milestone tenth year, and the Chinese music scene forges new connections with the global stage, the esteemed club has handpicked artists who not only align with its ethos but also resonate with its very essence.

Weaving together a passion for acid-tinged techno, bass, and breaks, Lawrence Lee intricately crafts a tapestry of rhythm, guided by an innate understanding of the dance floor. His productions reverberate with the echoes of his influences, as heard on releases via Radiant Records, New York-based E-Missions, Steel City Dance Discs, Mala Junta × Amniote Editions, plus his very own imprint, A7A.

During a recent tour across Hong Kong and China, Lawrence Lee's magnetic presence instantly drew those around him into a genuinely inviting atmosphere. Moreover, he left an indelible impression with his closing set at .TAG's ninth-anniversary celebration.

“.TAG is a very special space to me, both because of the building and club itself as well as the people. There is such a huge community and vibrant scene in Chengdu, and .TAG embodies that spirit. I had such a special time djing until the early morning for the anniversary. The dance floor has an amazing and open vibe, where the dancers are up to take a journey with you musically, no matter how far and long the adventure is that we create together,” Lee mentions exclusively to Mixmag Asia.

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DJ TOOL is .TAG’s second international resident, who is also the co-founder of Berlin's revered Mala Junta collective.

With contributions extending beyond the decks, he recently released a track titled ‘To Another Galaxy’ on the Mala Junta compilation, said to be inspired by his journey to China and his experience at .TAG: “Came home fully inspired by my trip to China and to .TAG and that what’s came out of it! Can’t wait to blast it out at .TAG in January when I’m back there!”

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“My first visit to .TAG was mindblowing. The building, the people and the energy of the place is unique like nowhere else!” adds DJ TOOL.

The Chengdu club also gushes about DJ TOOL in an Instagram post: “Acting as a bridge delivering high-energy spiritual dance music to the East while proudly waving the flag for hotpot and Sichuan cuisine in the West, his magical spells on our dance floor, and the belief and attitude he upholds with Mala Junta, are all glimpses into the possibilities of what we can create together.”

.TAG will be celebrating its tenth year next year, find out more about the club here.

Adrianna Cheung is Mixmag Asia’s Culture Curator, follow her on Instagram.

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