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Sven Väth shows us what he used to play with his new record

It's a definitive record of Sven Väth's ever-adapting musical development

  • 6 February 2023
Sven Väth shows us what he used to play with his new record

Released on February 3 via Cocoon Recordings and after two and a half years in the making, Cocoon label founder Sven Väth has shared the mighty 'What I Used To Play' compilation.

The 36-tracker comes both as an exclusive 3CD deluxe digipak and a special 12 X 12” vinyl box set that incorporates twelve individually coloured disco sleeves with a selection of full-size artist portraits of Sven from the 1980s.

The final, definitive tracklist of “What I Used To Play” is particularly impressive, especially from a purely licensing point of view. As well as including Sven club smashes like 16 Bit – “Where Are You?” and “Electrica Salsa” by OFF, the compilation also includes hard-to-clear classics like Kraftwerk’s “Computerwelt”, Whodini’s “Magic’s Wand” and New Order’s “Blue Monday.”

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Speaking of the new release which was whittled down from an initial list of around 120, Sven said of his lockdown project: “It was a great trip and with every track, beautiful memories came flooding back.”

He spent several days cocooned (boom boom) with his collection, “reviewing my musical journey through the eighties.”

And on each of the 24 sides of vinyl, you can trace track-by-track the soundscape which influenced him during which phase in this timeframe.

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You can buy Sven Väth's autobiographical 'What I Used To Play' now: grab a vinyl or CD copy here.

Ralph Moore is Mixmag's Music Editor-At-Large, follow him on Twitter

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