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37 photos from Tresor 31 Exhibition: Techno, Berlin und die große Freiheit

This is the first half of Arthur Bray's two-part feature on Tresor's history with techno

  • Words & Photos: Arthur Bray
  • 11 November 2022

Responsible for the shift of techno from its underground roots to global recognition, Berlin’s Tresor club has been an instrumental part of the musical genre’s history. While change is inevitable, the institution has kept a strict music and venue policy, one which international clubgoers all have to suffice to: no photos. For Tresor’s 31st anniversary, the club opens its doors to techno tourists and media alike with the launch of ‘Tresor 31: Techno, Berlin und die große Freiheit’ - an exhibition and club series across its three venues: Tresor, Globus and OHM with 8 concerts in the raw space of Kraftwerk alongside an in-depth look into its history via a multimedia showcase.

Through archive material; from flyers to photographs, the Tresor 31’s exhibition explores the personal narratives that underpinned techno culture since its beginnings as an artistic and social movement.

Featuring artwork by the likes of Arthur Jafa, Andreas Gurksy, Joe Namy and Anne de Vries, the exhibition teamed up with usomo to create unique soundscapes whereby attendees immerse themselves into the industrial space that’s often exclusive to clubbers only.

Arthur Bray visited the exhibition while touring Europe and caught up with curator Sven Von Thuelen. Read the full interview here.

Arthur Bray is a Guest Editor for Mixmag Asia. Follow him on Instagram here.

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