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Spinnin’ Records releases its first-ever Chinese record

DJ Carta and Nathan Hartono rise to the occasion

  • Iris Gao
  • 16 October 2019
Spinnin’ Records releases its first-ever Chinese record

Spinnin' Records released its first-ever Chinese record on October 11th. Italian Chinese DJ Carta teamed up with Singaporean Chinese artist Nathan Hartono for a fresh dance-pop track called 'Carta - You Should Know 放我走 (feat. Nathan Hartono 向洋)'. The record also marks Carta's first Chinese track as well as it being Nathan's first time adding vocals to a dance track, with both artists being well worthy of the status.

Carta has long been known for his highly energetic presence as well as his passion for growing in his ever-evolving sound. Being named China's first DJ to place in DJ Mag's Top 100 list in 2017 helped solidify his status as an artist to watch, and now since releasing a Chinese track on Spinnin' Records, he furthers his dream of promoting Chinese EDM globally.

After coming in as a runner-up Chinese TV show Sing! China in 2016, Hartono had stepped away from music to focus on other pursuits. But after three years of self-exploration, he began releasing again and tried more musical styles until this collaboration came about with Carta. And we’re glad they did because this banger is making Asia proud.

Listen to the tune below.

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