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​Space Available is releasing a record box made from recycled plastic

The Bali-based creative platform strikes again by clashing music with circular design

  • Olivia Wycech
  • 21 July 2021
​Space Available is releasing a record box made from recycled plastic

Space Available is turning heads in the music industry for its forward-thinking sustainable gear for DJs (amongst other things). The latest amazing innovation comes via a record box made entirely from recycled plastic.

Teased via Instagram last week, the record box is made from plastic waste that’s been collected and recycled from rivers and landfills around Indonesia. It’s extremely limited and will soon be available at a number of global stockists and the Space Available Gallery in Bali.

The record box follows the release of the Peggy Chair, a multi-functional chair designed in collaboration with Peggy Gou that is made from 100% plastic waste and can hold vinyl in its base. Before that, came a meditation chair made from 100% plastic waste with a bamboo frame. Smaller items like a chopping board, chopping disc, coaster and corkscrew all made from recycled plastic are also available on the Space Available website.

Spaces Available is a Bali-based creative platform founded by former Potato Head creative director Dan Mitchell and led by a community of designers, artists, scientists and environmentalists who are connecting the dots between nature, design, culture and the future. Their mission is ‘Making Space for a Sustainable Future’ and combine radical recycling with future craft and digital communication for the new world.

“It’s our belief that the pandemic of 2020 has created a new space. A space available for us to reflect, grow and design new systems of well being, for ourselves and the environment around us.”

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