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South East Asia’s leading music festivals enlist in the All Access Anonymous network

AAA unlocks Web3 potential to promote transparency & sustainability in the music industry

  • Amira Waworuntu
  • 31 August 2022
South East Asia’s leading music festivals enlist in the All Access Anonymous network

All Access Anonymous (AAA) is opening up an array of new possibilities for promoters and festivals by tapping into the power of Web3. This way, promoters have complete creative control and can focus on delivering truly meaningful experiences to their fans.

The decentralised network AAA has built has one sole aim; to transform creators and fans into the true driving force of the Experience Economy. This means removing unnecessary intermediaries in order for those in the network to access new capital, enhanced experiences and a world of rewards designed around the fans themselves. After all, the fans’ demand and creator’s endeavour are what undeniably drive the Experience Economy.

AAA co-founder Marvin Das underlines “Festivals are about the fan, creating a unique and engaging experience that will be remembered forever. I am humbled and excited about the future of AAA, as these nine festivals are only the beginning.”

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With 51 promoters already enlisted with the verified network, AAA reveals to us their first nine names who just happen to be some of the largest festivals in South East Asia; ‘We the Fest’, ‘S2O’, ‘Djakarta Warehouse Project’, ‘Ravolution’, ‘It’s The Ship’, ‘Rockaway’, ‘Good Vibes Festival’, ‘Together Festival’ and ‘808 Festival’.

The AAA network allows promoters to access Web3 technology that can be utilised to drive fan engagement, derive network benefits and access capital. Also, the ability to communicate with fans directly will benefit towards building a rapport from the early stages of festival planning.

“There are so many amazing artists out there, we as promoters can’t always be completely in tune with who our fans are listening to, or know the latest artist they have discovered on a social platform. AAA helps us measure what the fans want, and who they want to hear at our next event,” explains Djakarta Warehouse Project festival promoter, Christian Rijanto.

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This Web3 technology supports promoter sustainability by creating a transparent ecosystem with equal and unrestrained access to capital. Don’t have the know-how to navigate Web3? No need to worry as AAA provides the needed infrastructure, enabling all actors — festivals, promoters, vendors and fans — to continue driving and developing the industry.

For more info on All Access Anonymous, head over to their website.

Amira Waworuntu is Mixmag Asia’s Editorial Assistant, follow her on Instagram.

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