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Snapped: Organik

Taiwan's premier oceanside techno festival made a massive statement this year

  • João Jardim
  • 5 May 2016

Having debuted in 2012 and already being well established by true appreciators, Taiwan’s Organik Festival upped the ante to a whole new level for their 2016 edition with a line-up more carefully curated than ever before, exceptionally meticulous attention to décor and detail, and the overall efforts in minding the well-being of attendees.

Surrounded by staggering vistas of azure waters on a black sand beach and dramatic mountains in Hualien County, which is a few hours south of Taipei, Ostgut Ton and Giegling members (+ many more international acts, see below) amongst also the finest local DJs built up a dreamy scenario that this year has officially begun to get more attention from the broadest array of festival goers that Organik has ever experienced.

Rumor has it that it’s likely because of this that from the next edition onwards Organik will be by invitation only in an effort to preserve to the maximum this special experience and its surroundings that local organizers Smoke Machine (and its well picked collaborators) put together for its sharpest year yet.

The full line-up for 2016 is below.

- LIVE -

Edward (Giegling) Germany
Dorisburg (Aniara / Bossmusik) Sweden

- DJ -

Efdemin (Ostgut Ton / Dial) Germany
Nd_Baumecker (Ostgut Ton) Germany
Konstantin (Giegling) Germany
Sidney & Suleiman (Latency) France
Chris SSG (mnml ssgs) Japan
Dj Dustin (Giegling) Germany
Dr. Rubinstein / Germany
Sa Pa (MDR / Giegling) UK
diskonnected (Smoke Machine) Taiwan


Al Burro (Korner)
Initials B.B. (Homework)
Debbie Chia (Midnight Shift)
Yoshi Nori (Bass Kitchen)
James Ho (Night Zoo)
Argand Plane live
Boris Ocram
Craftweak + CBMI
Lyova Lyubov
Vice City

If you're in Taiwan, also worth checking out the official afterparty on Friday May 6th featuring DJ NOBU (Bitta / Future Terror), ATEQ (giegling), SA PA (MRD / giegling), BARKER (Leisure System), NJORL (giegling) and PERLIN NOISE.

[Photos via Erin Keeffe]

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