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Singapore: Club Hell presents Valentine’s Night by Adults Do Hard Dance (ADHD)

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

  • Adults Do Hard Dance (ADHD) & Club Hell
  • 12 February 2024
Singapore: Club Hell presents Valentine’s Night by Adults Do Hard Dance (ADHD)

Event: Valentine’s Night by Adults Do Hard Dance (ADHD)
Date: Wednesday, February 14, 2024
City/Country: Singapore
Organisers: Adults Do Hard Dance (ADHD) & Club Hell
Venue: Club Hell, Telok Ayer Street, 113 Singapore
Line-up: Beansclub, Snafu/Weirdogirl & Turbo Boyfriend
Tickets: SGD37.76

Tickets available here.

Adults Do Hard Dance, affectionally known as ADHD, is known for being a unique rave event that channels the boundless energy of hyperactivity, offering a safe and inclusive environment where attendees can unleash their inner child, revel in uninhibited movement, and embrace the joy of music, technology, and creativity. The event's musical direction encompasses a diverse mix of genres, including gabber, hard dance, IDM, and experimental sounds, reflecting its multifaceted inspiration.

Taking over Club Hell in the Singapore’s CBD on Valentine’s Day, the upcoming edition of ADHD is inviting over Snafu/Weirdogirl from Azerbaijan — a producer known for his experimental and genre-bending sounds which heavily lean towards the exciting complexities of ethereal breakcore which are at times disruptive but also reference popular internet culture.

Joining him is Beansclub, a fan of everything up-tempo who enjoys dabbling in anything from techno to hardcore. He is mainly known for his modern take on trance, and is a big advocate for hypertrance.

Rounding up the line-up for the night is Turbo Boyfriend who, just like his contrasting moniker suggests, embraces the juxtaposition of mixing melodic harmonies against rough deconstructed beats. Drawing from underground scenes, he seeks to infuse anti-classist culture into local nightlife by introducing lesser-known genres to a wider audience.

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