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New short film documents Vietnam’s vibrant clubbing community

The 16-minute film features multiple faces from Vietnam’s expansive electronic scene

  • Gemma Ross
  • 9 June 2022
New short film documents Vietnam’s vibrant clubbing community

A new short film featuring a number of stars from Vietnam’s dance music scene has been released.

Shun’s Odyssey, a fictional 16-minute film directed by George & Maurice, also doubles as the official aftermovie of Vietnam’s annual New Year’s Eve festival, Phú Quốc Odyssey.

Featuring local DJs, performers, and promoters, Shun’s Odyssey draws on Vietnam’s vibrant clubbing community described as an “ode to the absurd encounters in life and to the potential that each of us secretly holds inside.”

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Shun’s Odyssey follows the main protagonist Shun, a Japanese call centre employee working in Hanoi. Through his adventures, Shun accidentally ends up on the southern island of Phú Quốc where he joins in the annual festival.

“Shun, a Japanese employee, is settled into a boring and mundane life, without any attractive prospects. Suddenly, sleeping his way into an odyssey, he might eventually find out that his desired adventure closer than he thought,” reads the director’s description of the film.

The 16-minute fictional film is a collaborative effort between Studio Adventure Collective, a local events platform, and production agency Phoq Creative Studio.

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"The narrative and characters came out naturally, almost like a running joke from an afterparty," Studio Adventure told RA.

“The idea was to financially support the local creative scene by allocating some of the revenue from the festival to the movie project.”

Shun’s Odyssey features an eclectic range of music from breaks to acid house, soundtracked by Doner Beat Records’ Humb and Wahren Boy.

Featured elsewhere in the flick, music director Manikk, DJ Manuel Orkestar, drag queen Genderfunk, and the film’s protagonist and beloved local raver Shuntaro Arakawa all feature as characters.

Watch Shun’s Odyssey below.

Gemma Ross is Mixmag's Editorial Assistant, follow her on Twitter

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