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Shanghai-based virtual artist Maie features PUMA's new Kosmo Rider sneakers in 'Kosmo'

Maie is an AI artist signed to Club Media, just like Ruby9100M

  • Arun Ramanathan
  • 21 March 2022
Shanghai-based virtual artist Maie features PUMA's new Kosmo Rider sneakers in 'Kosmo'

Maie, a virtual artist from Shanghai, features PUMA’s new Kosmo Rider sneakers in her new music video for ‘Kosmo’.

The world of virtual artists is a new reality taking shape right now, with some of the biggest brands in the world, like Hugo Boss, Adidas and PUMA aligning themselves with recently born avatars.

In similar fashion to Ruby9100M’s collaboration with Adidas, virtual talent agency Club Media’s latest collaboration sees PUMA team up with Maie to feature the brand’s new Kosmo Rider sneakers in her latest music video, ‘Kosmo’. Check out the new line of women’s shoes below.

According to PUMA, “The Kosmo Rider is inspired by the blurring of the physical and digital self. It’s made for those who embrace the digital as a new way to play and express who they are.”

Reality Reimagined is the campaign’s official lexical backbone and ethos, and it’s a slogan that the virtual Shanghainese being known as Maie amplified as a message around the shiny new sneakers. Maie was joined by South African virtual human Kim Zulu.

Maie says about the collaboration, “I think it’s nice to be recognised and given the opportunity to be [PUMA’s] first virtual talent collaboration in China. They gave me the freedom to be myself and I think that’s the most important thing a brand can do.”

Maie’s ‘Kosmo’ release is an electro-pop single released by Avastars, the record label arm of Club Media, which is run by Reggie Ba-Pe III, an early founder of once-infamous Shanghai club, Arkham. Coming from a music-heavy background, it’s no wonder Reggie’s new virtual venture under Club Media leans strongly on artist development, music production and brand accessibility.

We’re excited to hear what comes next from the Club Media camp.

Maie ‘Kosmo’ is out now on Avastars, check out the music video featuring PUMA’s latest Kosmo Rider sneakers below.

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