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A sparkling new brand appears to be taking over OMNIA Bali

Savaya Bali is set to open on December 26

  • Olivia Wycech
  • 2 December 2020
A sparkling new brand appears to be taking over OMNIA Bali

Rumours on the Island of the Gods have been swirling for some time now as to the fate of OMNIA Bali. Seems the best one of the rumours is true: the breathtaking space which sits 100 meters above the Indian Ocean in Uluwatu appears to be reopening under a new name.

Yesterday, a video appeared on Facebook that teased the new concept. Called Savaya Bali, the video shows bits and pieces of the cinematic cube that once defined OMNIA’s dramatic cliffside design.

A description reads: “Experience this enclave of luxury that sits upon a breathtaking natural wonder 100 meters above the Indian Ocean. Drawing inspiration from the forces of nature, Savaya delivers a transformative experience to all who visit.”

Just in time for the holidays, the opening is set for December 26. Watch the teaser below:

If you’re concerned about COVID, know that many open-air venues in Bali are currently open with safety protocols in place as well as the recommendation of using your common sense (people will surprise you in Bali).

OMNIA Bali closed earlier this year just ahead of its second birthday after Bali’s tourism sector was hit hard by the pandemic. While several clubs, venues and beach clubs have remained closed, Bali has certainly sprung back to life with many popular establishments in the process of reopening. We imagine that OMNIA, a brand from Vegas under the Hakkasan Group with likely very high overhead costs, couldn’t see it being sustainable to continue with tourism not projected to return to normal for some time. From its name, we suspect Savaya will take on more of local spirit.

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