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Sunlit Festival in Phú Quốc sees Savage, 1900 & The Warehouse Club take over Epizode’s site for a NYE festival

It's all gone Phú Quốc this NYE

  • Mixmag Asia Crew
  • 20 December 2021
Sunlit Festival in Phú Quốc sees Savage, 1900 & The Warehouse Club take over Epizode’s site for a NYE festival

Sunlit Festival 2022 takes place across two stages — the Sublime Stage and the 1900 Stage — and over three days at Sunset Sanato Resort. It will be held just steps away from the same beach location where the infamous and minimally illustrious Epizode festival series took place until it went on hiatus in Asia after it’s last 2019-2020 event.

The Dali-esque elephants, geometric bamboo structures, impressive stages and the giant head sculpture will all remain and be present during the three-day collaborative adventure, adding some not-so-distant nostalgia to party-goes who want to venture down to the beach.

“Due to COVID-19, 2021 has been a tough year for everyone, including club owners and all artists. So we thought, a moment for joyous celebration, reflection on what we’ve all been through this past year and transition to a brand new one would be a great way to end 2021. Then we gathered with 1900 and The Warehouse to discuss and that's how the idea for Sunlit Festival was formed. For many, including myself, this will be the first festival I've attended in over a year. I expect it to be positively unique and an unforgettable opening to 2022.”

The line up sees Hanoi collectives and clubs coming together for the first time, and it involves the big room residents of 1900 — Ngokien, Dustee and Duytuan — veteran hip hop acts Cuong Seven and Binh Gold along with rising stars RPT MCK, RPT Orijin, Wxrdie from rap band RAPITAL, plus Atipik, HUM, The Warehouse as well as Savage’s own Ouissam, Di Linh, Zwi and resident drag queens Peach and GenderFunk — “the idea of putting this event together is to really represent the growth and diversity in sound that Vietnam has been evolving to over the past few years”, says Savage founder, Ouissam.

Check out the full line up below that will see DJs and other artists take over the Sublime Stage and the 1900 Stage.

Slightly different to what people may have experienced sound-wise on the same beach in the past, this year’s diverse lineup opens up to please more appetites, with hip hop, big room, techno and quality underground vibes all being blended into a seamless programme. Sunlit New Year Festival will also feature food trucks, restaurants, a private bar and a wide range of activities including yoga, face painting, kayak and jet ski activities to keep that adrenaline in motion.

Safety disclaimer: To keep up COVID-19 safety standards, this event will be held entirely outdoors, masking requirements and physical distancing will be implemented in accordance with regulations and guidance from the city.

Sunlit Festival 2022 takes place at Sunset Sanato Resort in Phú Quốc, Vietnam from Friday, 2021 Dec 31, 2021 to Sunday 2 January, 2022. Early bird tickets at $38.27, at door at $52.15 and $26.05 on the day of the event. This is an 18 and over event only, no children are allowed. Tickets are available here.

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