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Audio Asia: Closet Yi delivers the goods on 'When Tigers Used To Smoke'

'Ruminate' is Closet Yi's first full EP on Honey Badger Records


  • Winston West
  • 22 May 2020
Audio Asia: Closet Yi delivers the goods on 'When Tigers Used To Smoke'

Title: When Tigers Used to Smoke / Ruminate EP
Artist: Closet Yi
Label: Honey Badger
Release: May 8 2020

South Korean artist Closet Yi is back with her latest EP titled 'Ruminate' on Honey Badger Records. She previously contributed to two compilation albums for the imprint before releasing her first solo EP on London label 'No Bad Days'.

It was only last month that we mentioned Closet Yi in our Asia Rising feature as an artist to look out for and it seems our predictions were accurate.

'When Tigers Used to Smoke' is our choice for standout single from the release. True to her style, the track kicks off with a combination of atmospheric beeps and bloops over a twangy bass line. Layers of percussive elements are brought in as the number pushes towards a snare roll before taking flight in full breakbeat persona. Vintage samples of kicks, claps and a panning cowbell round out the single nicely over the added dreamy chords to create a high tempo dance floor affair.

‘When Tigers Used to Smoke’ is an exciting offering that takes inspiration from the sounds of early UK rave days and modernizes them for today’s dance floors. Closet Yi find a perfect balance between a forward thinking track that remains fun.

You can tap into 'When Tigers Used to Smoke' here:

'Ruminate' is Closet Yi’s first solo outing on Honey Badger Records. She says that the EP is a result of her journey through the roots of underground dance music on top of some of her most personal childhood memories. 'When Tigers Used To Smoke' is taken from a Korean expression that can be translated as once upon a time, and was made as a way to call out raw sounds inspired by the early days of the UK club scene in the late 80s and early 90s. Her signature dreamy and atmospheric production style is on full display throughout the entire five-track EP.

Honey Badger Records is one of South Korea’s oldest and most renowned electronic music labels. Started in 2014 by JNS, the label is focused on forward thinking dance music and has worked with local acts on more than 15 EPs and multiple compilations.

Closet Yi 'Ruminate' EP is out now on Honey Badger Recordings. Buy it here.

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