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Romain FX looks to his darker self on ‘Notus EP’

The Hong Kong-based DJ and producer joins Fine Coincidence

  • Olivia Wycech
  • 30 March 2020
Romain FX looks to his darker self on ‘Notus EP’

"A story of Italo disco, indie dance, slow motion, new wave and breakbeat now starting."

Named for Notus, the mythical ancient Greek god of summer and the blower of heavy and humid winds, Frenchman Romain FX joins the Fine Coincidence family with an EP that borders on the edge of stormy.

'Notus EP' features three original tracks which the Hong Kong-based DJ and producer says channels some stormier moments from his life. The title track is a blend of dark new wave that “represents the void of indecision”. It later delves into an emotional eighties vibe on ‘Nostalgic Wave’ for “a reflection of the past” and finally 'Disco Trancegender' “portrays emotions rising up with a mix of anger and determination” through its high energy electronica.

The EP also comes packaged with a couple of remixes. Two are by way of Panorama Bar regular ROTCIV who reshapes 'Disco Trancegender' with an Italo take on one and a trance spin on the other. The final remix is courtesy of Seattle luminary Graz who reworks the title track with a cinematic mood.

Fine Coincidence is Shenzhen-based label run by Tomasz Guiddo and Moussa Clarke.

See the track list and listen to three cuts from the EP below:

1. Notus (Original Mix)
2. Nostalgic Wave (Original Mix)
3. Disco Trancegender (Original Mix)
4. Notus (Graz Remix)
5. Disco Trancegender (ROTCIV Italomix)
6. Disco Trancegender (ROTCIV Transmix)

The artwork was done by Valentin Fougeray, whose body of work plays with themes of transversality. “He likes you to question your perception, but everything you see is real.”

Notus EP comes out on March 30 on Fine Coincidence. Buy it here.

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