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Audio Asia: Romain FX channels the groove with the deeply personal 'Give Me Your Love'

Four powerfully emotional dance cuts on the Fauve Records head's latest studio adventure


  • Patrizio Cavaliere
  • 29 June 2021
Audio Asia: Romain FX channels the groove with the deeply personal 'Give Me Your Love'

Title: Give Me Your Love
Artist: Romain FX
Label: Novaj Records
Release Date: Out now

Head honcho of Hong Kong's beloved Fauve organisation, Romain FX, arrives on Novaj Records with his latest, deeply personal release, the '44 Keys' EP.

It feels almost redundant to state how profoundly complex and challenging the last year or so has been for humanity since, by now, we're all fully aware of the ongoing volatility the pandemic has caused. But on top of this, those living in Hong Kong have been faced with a sea change in the political landscape that has led a sizeable percentage of the population to re-consider some basic principles – not least, where to position themselves geographically. In the midsts of wave after wave of uncertainty, French DJ, producer and label head Romain FX made the difficult decision to bid farewell to his adopted home to return to his native France.

Channelling the full range of emotions lived through during this seismic shift, Romain was able to craft his latest sonic offering, a four-track EP that's rooted in an evocative sense of melancholy while simultaneously gazing longingly towards the celestial sphere. The result is nothing short of stirring.

Opening track 'Synchronised Souls' blends nostalgic strings with forever building synth lines, evolving wondrously into a life-affirming and retro-tinged floor filler. 'Be Part Of Life' utilises a stylistically similar framework, stripping things back a touch for a more introverted feel. Retaining the tangible sense of drama, the sparse beats power over square wave bass notes and rousing piano stabs, as the vocal chops send subliminal messages of positivity to the listener. Title track '44 Keys' sees dreamy synths and choral harmonies soar over chunky drums, once again overflowing with feeling as arps bubble and build over Italo-house infused piano stabs and lead vocal lines. Finally, today's Audio Asia feature 'Give Me Your Love' is steeped in organ-fuelled retrospective charm. Vocal chops charge over tight drums before rave breaks join delayed piano licks and searing strings to create a delightfully fist-pumping dance fervour.

Each track here shows Romain FX in absorbing form, boldly adventurous and unquestionably sincere in his dance-ready objective.

Romain FX '44 Keys' is out now on Novaj Records, you can buy it here

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