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Audio Asia: sublime house hooks on Keita Sano's masterful 'In The Pool'

The Japanese producer's trademark sample work proves utterly infectious


  • Patrizio Cavaliere
  • 22 June 2021
Audio Asia: sublime house hooks on Keita Sano's masterful 'In The Pool'

Title: In The Pool
Artist: Keita Sano
Label: Esuoh Music
Release Date: Out now

Berlin-based Japanese producer Keita Sano arrives at the home of deep house purveyors Esuoh with a typically slick four-track EP of sample-heavy club delights.

The Okayama-born MPC heavyweight has carved out a distinctive sound via his exquisite releases on widely respected labels including Mister Saturday Night, Let's Play House, Discos Capablanca, and Most Excellent Unltd, and his latest offering exhibits all the refinement and floor-focused knowledge we've come to expect from him over the years. Sano is considered one of the Japanese underground artists of the era, and his cultured production has seen him regularly service the turntables at the world's leading subterranean venues – from Panorama Bar in Berlin to Contact in Tokyo.The 'In the Pool EP' is Sano's debut solo release on Esuoh, and each of the tracks represents a guarantee for lovers of the authentic shades of house music.

Trademark sampled loops combine with compelling grooves throughout. The measured tempo of 'The Floor' allows for an intriguing journey into the nocturnal, as mysterious textures evolve over dusty beats to create a rolling, heads down rhythm. The energy levels rise on the hyper-infectious 'Flowtation', where vocal loops swirl through filters and effects over thick bass for a tracky house flavour reminiscent of Chicago bad boy, DJ Sneak, while the delicious Rhodes licks of 'Full Gain' add an enlivening air of musicality to the dusty groove. Our pick 'In The Pool' sees lively percussion bubble over wigged-out keyboard loops and mesmerising vocal samples for a vibe rich slice of subtly feel-good four-to-the-floor honey.

This is bona fide house music with its essence originating from the smouldering magma of Chi-town heritage, and yet another fine example of Sano's cultured approach to production.

Keita Sano 'In The Pool EP' is out now on Esuoh, you can buy it here

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