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​Richie Hawtin has released a limited edition capsule of Plastikman knitwear

The outrageously expensive collection is a sustainable collaboration with Swiss brand FRENCKENBERGER

  • Olivia Wycech
  • 30 October 2022

Few things stand the test of time like Richie Hawtin’s Plastikman. So we’re curious, will his knitwear collection also hold true to this same timelessness? With the most expensive piece going for €3,200, we certainly hope so!

The Canadian DJ and producer has teamed up with Zurich-based independent fashion house FRENCKENBERGER to release a capsule of knitwear emblazoned with the iconic Plastikman logo.

The collection features 100% cashmere sweaters, hats, mittens and double-blankets. Besides being limited edition, the pieces are further limited to those with deep pockets, with the cheapest item starting at €170—but these days, sustainability is luxury.

An Instagram post announcing the collection says that it was sustainably made in Inner Mongolia. “We understand that this collection is expensive but due to the quality level of the designs and materials used, there is only so much we can do with the final prices,” reads the post.

It goes on to explain the basis of the collaboration: “United by our combined love of refined minimalistic aesthetics and our appreciation of pure hypnotic electronic music, we are excited to offer this unique and limited time collaboration.”

Plastikman is an alias that Richie Hawtin launched in 1994, and continues to leave its mark on music today with Hawtin reviving the moniker earlier this year on a collaborative album with Chilly Gonzales. He previously released music under Plastikman during a Prada show in 2021, his first dalliance with fashion.

But Hardcore Hawtin fans who remember him from that time might give this one a pass...because they probably have t-shirts that are older than you.

And if you want to feel a little less mad after reading this article, listen below:

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