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Reebok heads to Busan with a music-inspired capsule co-curated by SOUND SHOP balansa

“Life is short. Play Music.”

  • Miki Kitasako
  • 18 October 2021

Rebook has tapped Busan-based vintage/record store and label SOUND SHOP balansa for a capsule collection

The collaboration infuses the elements of vintage identities from both brands with an overall theme that taps into Reebok’s basketball 1990s slogan LIFE IS SHORT and balansa’s musical identity which results in their main tagline LIFE IS SHORT. PLAY MUSIC. and is emblazoned across t-shirts, a tracksuit and shoes.

The release notably includes two shoes: the CLUB C 85 series showcases the Korean writing system Hangul and reads balansa in a dark-toned blue logo with a balansa laced hem. Its distinct outward label, which reads The Athlete’s Shoe, clearly accentuates its purpose as activewear as it rims on the keynote of streetwear. The GL 6000s exudes traits that are similar to the CLUB C, however, its logo is replaced with English text in a neutral shade of ivory.

The apparel section ranges from an army green nylon tracksuit that features a DJ with bold striking text that reads Sound System Return as well as t-shirts that highlight the main tagline of the collection in either black or white.

Getting its name from a derived version of balance, the idea stems from creating a shuffle of different cultures and flavours to create a new kind of...balance. Home to a collection of vintage apparel and records, balansa takes owner Kim Jeehoon’s personal style as inspiration to create its overall brand aesthetics. Its popularity within the community and collections over the years have gained traction with international brands, leading the brand to create an array of collaborations while creating its very own subculture within the region of Asia.

Head here to cop the collection

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