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Rare and revered, Provoke Magazine gets a revamp from the ‘60s

Japanese publisher & bookstore NITESHA is reprinting all 3 volumes of the dojin-shi

  • Arun Ramanathan
  • 2 September 2020

Revered as an edgy and influential photography magazine from the 1960s, Provoke celebrated its 50th anniversary only just two years ago with its final print, until this November when it hits shelves again.

The first volume of the now hard to find magazine was originally created by art critic Koji Taka, poet Takahiko Okada and photographer Takuma Nakahira and published in 1968. It was dōjinshi, or self-published magazine that was comprised of compelling and grainy photography works that went against stylistic standards at the time but to only be admired as ground-breaking work later. In addition to the grainy and unguarded visual portrayals, the dōjinshi also highlighted poems and critical essays. The second and third volumes were graced by the addition of legendary photographer Daido Moriyama, but the group eventually abandoned their efforts and put a lid on the entire project with a fourth overview edition of the first three volumes titled ‘First, Abandon the World of Pseudo-Certainty’.

Responsible for reviving the off-centre photography publication is Japanese bookstore and publisher NITESHA, who possess the first three volumes and have envisioned an immaculate repress that stays true to the original aesthetic value and content.

NITESHA’s website makes the following statement:

“We were fortunate to be able to purchase all three volumes of Provoke. Rather than merely putting them back in the market again for profits, we have decided to make a reprint of these extremely rare and inaccessible issues that are currently only owned by a limited number of connoisseurs. Striving to stay close to the original publications as much as possible, we are making this reprint available to many [at] a reasonable price and [are] highly looking forward to seeing how today’s society will respond to the work.”

The complete reprint collection by NITESHA is bundled with three softcovers and facsimile and is accompanied by an English translation. It retails at approximately $84 and can be pre-ordered now here.

[via Hypebeast]

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