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Qrion & Motez team up for a slow burning, synth-heavy single

The track is signed to Lane8’s This Never Happened

  • Waiying Ho
  • 30 June 2020
Qrion & Motez team up for a slow burning, synth-heavy single

She’s been pinned as one to watch in 2020 by Mixmag Asia, but Qrion has been at it for the last couple of years in terms of etching her name on the global map of deeper dance music. And as always, new ventures need to be set to be conquered, and her most recent is a unique collaboration with Aussie-Iraqi producer Motez on Sweat It Out, and American producer Lane8’s This Never Happened.

The collaboration is titled ‘Slow Down’ and it’s a slow burning groove laced with a pushy synth melody, quite fitting to the current times where our world seems massively pacified while chaos whirls around us. The chaos in the track has a harmonious outcome, making it a feel good dance tune at the same time — the claps on the percussion surface are crackly yet there is a warm sense of depth creating a robust dance floor vibe.

Qrion describes the process of the collaboration, “this was my first studio session away from San Francisco and working with another artist I had not met in person yet. We worked on this track in LA last summer. We immediately clicked and became comfortable working together. We experimented with his producer hardware and were able to find unique melodies together which was the most fun part of the session. As a collaborator and friend of Motez, this track and the creative process is very memorable to me.”

On the flipside of commentary on the collaboration, Motez reveals, “I had the pleasure of meeting Qrion on a long writing trip in LA. I really liked her take on house music and how melodic and emotional her output is, so what we made inevitably had so much musicality from chords to arpeggios, the writing of the song was very quick because we really got along musically and personally. We’ve made a couple of songs in the process but the first one was ‘Slow Down’: a song about taking a step back and slowing down when our lives get crazy and busy.”

Motez & Qrion ‘Slow Down’ is out now on Sweat It Out and This Never Happened, have a listen below.

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