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QOMMON launches first event in Bangkok’s De Commune with Dekmantel’s Roza Terenzi

The line-up also features Que Sakamoto and local heroes Elaheh, Boogie G and more

  • Charles Budd
  • 30 December 2019
QOMMON launches first event in Bangkok’s De Commune with Dekmantel’s Roza Terenzi

After throwing several parties over the last couple of years, and despite intentions of expanding his Soundistan concept, founder Sameer Arshad realised that more and more promoters, including himself, were driving Bangkok’s music audience out and away from the city, and leaving the already-equipped and built venues with a void to deal with.

That realisation was discussed across a table of party players who had mutual feelings, and as Sameer put it, “We all led our own individual visions and noticed similar ideas – but a somewhat scattered scene”, and then emphasising that “there is not enough demand in Bangkok yet for everyone to be throwing multiple parties with international acts on the same weekends. It just dilutes everything.”

In all fairness, who doesn’t love a good pop-up event in an obscure or unique location, but to have that set as a trend to move an underground scene, that becomes destructive. Sameer and his team that includes some of the scene’s busiest DJs — Boogie G, Jirus and Tristan Kino, made it a point to mention, and rightly so, that those with the same thoughts as him are not against the wave of pop-up parties that are driving people away from the clubs.

Enter Qommon, a collaborative effort structured to deliver exactly what their ethos stands for, which is a revival of club culture in the city they adore so much. Qommon launches its first event, aptly titled Qommon Ground at De Commune on Saturday 18 January 2020 for a day to night fiesta. The line-up features Roza Terenzi from Dekmantel and Que Sakamoto from Japan, along with local heroine being accompanied by Qommon’s crew of Boogie G, Tristan Kino and Jirus.

You can find out more about the event here.

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