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PURE G celebrates third anniversary with Tzusing & Doon Kanda at FINAL

Founder XIИ delves into details of the event while shedding light on Taiwan’s music scene

  • Henry Cooper
  • 26 July 2023
PURE G celebrates third anniversary with Tzusing & Doon Kanda at FINAL

Groundbreaking event collective PURE G is set to celebrate a highly anticipated three-year milestone this coming weekend, featuring the talents of Tzusing and Doon Kanda, among others. The event will occur at Taipei’s experimental haven FINAL on Saturday, July 29.

The line-up is topped off with performances from XIИ, Katrina, KUAN B2B L1H (co-founder of PURE G) and the world-renowned Jesse Kanda gracing us with live A/V work. In addition, this event will also display limited floral installations by Paris-based fashion designer MENGCHE CHIANG and Taipei floral artist Twee Molar.

Jesse Kanda is a world-renowned visual artist famous for his dark visual aesthetics and previous work with FKA Twigs, Arca and Björk. He also goes by Doon Kanda, who will be co-headling Saturday’s celebrations.

PURE G and FINAL are renowned for their bold and experimental approach to showcasing artists within Asia, continually surpassing fans' expectations with their unique offerings.

On the topic of Taiwan, XIИ told us “We believe that in Taiwan, a country that is relatively slower in keeping up with international steps, continuously introducing outstanding artists from abroad is crucial. We invest a lot of time in this aspect, curating not only music but also things like lighting and visual arts. The visuals for each event are specifically tailored to the music on that night.”

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Distinguished by their two event series’, PURE G and INCESSENT, the former showcasing niche and avant-garde sounds within Taiwan, while the latter explores more widely accepted genres such as techno and trance, PURE G has always been driven by innovation and uniqueness at its core.

Aside from their events, they also host mixes on SoundCloud via their ‘PURE Guest Podcast’, with artists like Call Super, CCL, Brodinski, Gabber Eleganza, Torus, Schacke and more taking centre stage.

Speaking on the significance of the line-up for their third-anniversary event, XIИ told Mixmag Asia, “From the moment I stepped into this culture until now, my favourite artists have always been changing, but both of Tzusing and Doon Kanda have held a special place in my heart from the beginning to the end. They each possess unique and powerful aesthetics and worldviews, and their influence spans subcultures and mainstream culture, which is incredibly valuable.”

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Looking into the future, PURE G, in collaboration with FINAL and Tzusing, are planning a new annual festival in Taipei named ‘eel Festival’.

Set to debut on November 11, 2023, this one-day indoor extravaganza aims to bring experimental yet captivating music to the masses, filling what they perceive as a void in Taiwan's musical landscape.

Henry Cooper is a Writer at Mixmag Asia. Follow him on Instagram.

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