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Premiere: Luis Del Carmen brings out the big guns on 'Bellicose'

'Bellicose' will provide techno fans that energy to go off


  • Winston West
  • 24 June 2021
Premiere: Luis Del Carmen brings out the big guns on 'Bellicose'

Track: Bellicose
Artists: Luis Del Carmen
Label: Techburst Recordings
Release Date: June 25, 2021

Luis Del Carmen has delivered his latest techno release in the form of 'Bellicose', a sixth gear rager that overflows with aggressive energy. The single comes to us via Del Carmen's third release on the Techburst imprint under the EP title 'Bellicose/Saracenic'.

The Filipino producer has never been one to shy away from change. Real name Angelo Del Carmen and alternatively recognised under his trance production alias Parnassvs, the artist has notoriously explored a variety of aliases, gimmicks and sound profiles throughout his journey.

We previously covered one of Parnassvs trance releases 'Leviathan' which you can read about here.

While having experienced success in the world of trance, Del Carmen has found himself recently drawn to the darker side of the sound spectrum, shedding his signature melodic breakdowns and musical syntax in an effort to bring forward a new energy with his techno productions.

'Bellicose' in turn, broods with this new found direction. Gone are the melodic breakdowns and bright trance key progressions reflective of Parnassvs past influence. In replacement we find darker synths and driving bass lines, Luis Del Carmen has shed his former self akin to a snake shedding its skin. Del Carmen steps out on 'Bellicose' in jet black stylings, banging his chest as if it were a kick drum. 'Bellicose' plays out in dark cinematic melodies. Tension hides itself around every corner, with an underlying aggression taking centre stage in the sound profile. This track is fast, loud and hard hitting with heavy percussive elements being the main focus. Whether in a stadium, a warehouse or a mosh pit, 'Bellicose' will provide techno fans that energy to go off.

'Bellicose' comes paired with a second single in 'Saracenic' to round out the EP. On 'Saracenic', Del Carmen shows his longtime fans that he hasn't completely abandoned his trance roots. Melodic pad work is at play to provide a more cosmic energy, but the release still retains the darker atmosphere that Luis Del Carmen is attaching to his new moniker.

Luis Del Carmen's latest EP 'Bellicose/Saracenic' is currently available for pre-order via Beatport here and available for purchase on June 25 2021. Have a listen below.

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