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Premiere: Intriguant's forthcoming EP emphasises an essence of growth

Listen to the first single 'Upkeep' which drops on March 31

  • Words: Arun Ramanathan | Image: Matin Latif
  • 24 March 2023
Premiere: Intriguant's forthcoming EP emphasises an essence of growth

Repeat, repeat again, and continue to repeat — repetition is the essence of growth that is expressed in Louis Quek aka Intriguant’s forthcoming ‘Routines’ EP.

The forward-thinking and progressive producer from Singapore has once again conjured up five striking yet club-friendly tracks for his conceptual output ‘Routines’. Ahead of the EP’s full release on April 14, ‘Upkeep’ will be the first single to drop on March 31, and it’s already an easy favourite in the Mixmag Asia office.

Growth is an apt concept for Intriguant to underwrite as his expression for this release. It’s a concept that speaks of the artist’s personal evolution and heightened sense of self-awareness. ‘Upkeep’ is a reflection of an astute combination of creative and technical know-how from the artist — Intriguant certainly leans on his strength of blending textural elements with compelling broken-beat drum work, but with far greater spiritual evocation.

Wavering synths make way for a gentle and rising start before you’re struck with a moody breakbeat that supports the ebbs and flows of vocal stabs and an over-arching synth melody. Listen to ‘Upkeep’ below.

Intriguant ‘Upkeep’ will drop next Friday, 31 March. The full ‘Routines’ EP will be out all platforms on Friday, 14 April.

Arun Ramanathan is Mixmag Asia’s Director. Follow him on Instagram.

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