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​Marie Tjong-Ayong funnels the essence of Koh Phangan into the alluring textures of ‘Than Sadet’

The track arrives as part of her mesmerising debut ‘Green Lashes EP’

  • Patrizio Cavaliere
  • 20 February 2023
​Marie Tjong-Ayong funnels the essence of Koh Phangan into the alluring textures of ‘Than Sadet’

Up-and-coming Berlin-based producer Marie Tjong-Ayong lays down a stirring statement of intent with her debut release, ‘Green Lashes EP’.

The EP features two varied cuts, the floor-focused minimalism of ‘Kick In The Garden’ and the hyper-immersive soundscapes of ‘Than Sadet’ — the latter of which we’re thrilled to premier today.

Recorded in the lush Koh Phangnan National Park from which it takes its name, ‘Than Sadet’ brilliantly evokes the tropical mystique and untamed beauty of that most seductive corner of Thailand. While the island is famed for its effervescent full moon parties, its nature provides an entirely different mode of escapism, and it’s these transcendent textures that are embodied in ‘Than Sadet’. “I produced this track within one day in Thailand, on a beautiful island,” says Marie. “It represents the many colours and sounds of the island as I perceived them.”

The child of a jazz musician and a music teacher, Marie started learning trumpet at the age of 12 before going on to study jazz trumpet at Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln. While she’s previously performed on numerous jazz, Afro-beat and hip-hop projects, ‘Green Lashes’ features the first tracks she’s finished as a producer. As with many other artists, the pandemic-enforced stasis allowed her time and space to focus on new projects, and she relished the opportunity to embark on a voyage of discovery in the polychromatic worlds of electronic music production and DJing. “I wanted to give myself complete freedom to create something with my possibilities, to enter a new musical space and leave old habits and feelings behind when making music, Marie explains. "Since I had been listening to techno and house for a long time and started to collect vinyl, I also started to deal with the production of this music.”

‘Than Sadet’ evolves through waves of seductive sonic textures, with discreet melodies unfurling over brooding organs and deep bass notes as sparse machine drums maintain a steady groove. The music patiently builds, increasing the tension before bursting into glorious life over a spellbinding climax.

You can grab your first listen to ‘Than Sadet’ below or listen on your preferred platform here.

Marie Tjong-Ayong’s ‘Green Lashes EP’ is out February 24 on Sound Of Berlin.

Patrizio Cavaliere is Mixmag Asia’s Music Editor, follow him on Instagram

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