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Polygonia takes us on a “Journey to the West” in her latest EP

‘Da Nao Tian Gong’ serves as a sonic reconnection to her Chinese roots

  • Adrianna Cheung
  • 8 February 2024
Polygonia takes us on a “Journey to the West” in her latest EP

Polygonia has released a four-track EP titled 'Da Nao Tian Gong' (also known as 'Havoc in Heaven') via Midgar Records.

Lindsey Wang aka Polygonia finds direct inspiration from a cherished childhood cartoon, "Journey to the West", and its iconic character, Sun Wukong, which serves as a connection to her Chinese heritage.

“I watched the cartoon many times during my childhood, it was definitely one of the most important things for me when I was little. I remember talking about it all the time with my parents,” she mentions exclusively in an interview with Mixmag Asia.

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Within the EP, the influence of "Journey to the West", a tale rooted in Buddhism, is evident. The tracks capture the essence of Sun Wukong: ‘Jindou Yun’ embodies the swiftness of his cloud, ‘Shen Wai Shenfa’ invokes his magical hair through tribal rhythms, ‘Ruyi Jingu Bang’ reflects the power of his legendary staff, and ‘Disha Shu’ portrays his 72 transformations with vibrant harmonics.

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“This story contains a huge amount of inspiring thoughts about Buddhism and philosophy in general. Next to that, I love the sense of humour and cheekiness. It’s a legend showing a full spectrum of fantasy and life lessons,” she says about the release.

‘Da Nao Tian Gong’ by Polygonia is out now; purchase it here.

Adrianna Cheung is Mixmag Asia’s Culture Curator, follow her on Instagram.

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