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Peggy Gou unveils a capsule pyjamas collection with Yoox

The online retailer and DJ release a set of ‘ready-to-go’ pyjamas

  • Rylee Chow
  • 10 January 2020
Peggy Gou unveils a capsule pyjamas collection with Yoox

South Korean DJ Peggy Gou has been releasing more than music recently – linking up with fashion brands for design collabs. After rolling out her second collab with Potato head last week, this talented fashion icon/DJ simultaneously released a capsule collection with Yoox, the offshoot of Italian online retailer Net-A-Porter. This time she has come up with a set of chic and comfy 'ready-to-go' pyjamas – redesigned in a luxurious evening-ready version.

Pyjama outfits have increasingly become part of the female fashion landscape recently. In Peggy's first collaboration with Yoox, she’s designed two sets of luxurious nightwear for sleeping and partying. Her pyjamas come in yellow with animal doodles, and jet black: the casual black pyjamas come with a matching velvet kimono, and they can be easily mixed and matched with the other set.

“Even if we call them pyjamas, they aren’t really ‘sleepwear’ pyjamas. They are versatile suits that can be worn on many different occasions” said Peggy of her design inspiration. Hence, as comfortable as they look, they are produced in three fabrics – viscose, velvet and cupro (regenerated fabric). They are perfect for night time chilling with slippers, or with a pair of pointed-toe heels and belt. You can shop for them here.

[Via Yoox]