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Peggy Gou’s 4th 'Peggy Goods' drop is now open for pre-order…for less than a week

She also made a couple of appearances at Seoul Fashion Week

  • Olivia Wycech
  • 30 March 2021
Peggy Gou’s 4th 'Peggy Goods' drop is now open for pre-order…for less than a week

Following the trend of many other DJs who have spun their way into fashion, Peggy Gou has been making a name for herself amongst her fans and fashionistas alike. She launched Peggy Goods in 2019 with a couple of limited-edition drops as well as a string of other releases like her Kirin (meaning giraffe in Korean) streetwear label in 2020.

Hardcore Peggy fans, of which there are a lot of, should jump on her latest collection. The South Korean artist started teasing Drop 4 a couple of weeks ago with a barrage of images of her in a 'GOU' vest, and it was finally released yesterday — and you can quite literally deck yourself with Peggy Gou swag from head to toe.

Drop 4 from Peggy Goods features vests, pantsuits, bandanas, t-shirts, phone grips, caps and totes emblazoned with words like GOU, HOUSE and PEGGY FUCKING GOU. See a couple of items from the collection below.

The collection went on sale for pre-order yesterday and will only run until the end of the week. Deliveries of all pre-orders will start in May 2021. Shop the drop here.

Seoul also celebrated fashion week this March and for its finale, viewers tuned in to a pre-recorded session of Peggy Gou at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA). Watch it here and see her interview with tvN D below, in which she speaks Korean but has been captioned in English so you can get your fix. You can also watch her play atop a monorail in her hometown here.

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