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Peels Records opens in Bandung "out of necessity" as a vinyl store & cocktail bar

Munir aka Midnight Runners is the Music Director

  • Arun Ramanathan
  • 26 March 2021
Peels Records opens in Bandung "out of necessity" as a vinyl store & cocktail bar

Nothing makes us happier than the news of a record store, especially one that’s got a few shelves of good sauce lined up to accompany a few hours of crate digging.

Peels Records is a brand new record store, sound room and cocktail bar in Bandung, Indonesia, nestled within a restored Dutch colonial heritage building, and arrives at a much needed time where, as the store owners put it, “a third place, a place in between family and work.” Design wise, the team were going for something contemporary, with a retro palette to reflect their location and also for that homey factor.

Indonesian producer Munir, aka Midnight Runners, is the Music Director amongst a team of five close friends who came together to share this space with anyone and everyone who wants to listen and converse about music.

Going with a retro-fitted orange interior, the place oozes intimacy and comfort with a flair of funk, just the kind of aesthetic that’s needed for vinyl-focused space that aims to grow a sense of worldly culture and community. In terms of sound, they've wisely opted for a pair of JBL 4315 vintage speakers, as well a Mastersound RADIUS4 mixer, and of course a handy pair of turntables.

Munir tells us about the records you can expect to find at Peels, “We serve various selections of music including disco singles, Italo, funk, boogie, jazz, and 70s to 90s city pop issued from several countries. On a more specific side, we focus on Indonesian records, and as a label we will be releasing a compilation of Indonesian city pop, AOR, and boogie in vinyl-format soon.”

Bandung, get ready! You’ll be on every vinyl junkie’s list of first places to go, as soon as we’re allowed to travel! You can find out more or trip out to their website here.