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OMA in Hong Kong poised to reopen with a supercharged sound system

The cosy club also has a new music director at the helm

  • Olivia Wycech
  • 20 May 2020

Those who spent lockdown crying won’t survive. Those who spend it fighting, innovating and planning for a new future stand a chance at survival, and maybe even coming out of this stronger than before.

OMA in Hong Kong did just that. During its few months of closure while Hong Kong contained its COVID-19 outbreak, the small but instrumental Lan Kwai Fong club embraced the silence and are now poised to make their return extra loud with the installation of a brand spanking new sound system.

The Funktion-One set up includes Res-1 and Res-2 loudspeakers, F221/F121 subwoofers driven by Full Fat Audio and MC2 Amps, XTA and “the best Van Damme cables”.

Along with some new lighting, it’s altogether the second upgrade for the club in a year but they wanted the best for club-goers when they reopened. Despite the costly investment, the door charge will stay the same.

“We know times are difficult due to the virus, so door charge remains unchanged 'for now' despite heavy investment. Come share the new sound experience, you all deserve the best at OMA and we need your support and feedback also.”

The music policy at the club will remain as underground as ever with Anthony2 at the helm of programming, who was a resident at Volar since its inception.

OMA is one of Hong Kong’s longest-running underground music venues, having been open at its LKF location above an escalator for more than a decade in some way, shape or form (previous incarnations include Phi-b, Yumla and Midnight & Co). The club regularly hosts some of the city’s MVPs as well as top international names like DJ Koze, Axel Boman and Daniel Bell.

OMA reopens on May 22.

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