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Oceanic Standard share a blue rider & guide for the music industry

The nonprofit organisation merges dance music, technology & carbon offsetting with the ocean

  • Karina Curlewis
  • 8 June 2020
Oceanic Standard share a blue rider & guide for the music industry

In recent years, we are seeing more artists being vocal and stepping forward as leading changemakers of sustainability in an effort to raise awareness and influence change in events and the music festival scene. With the planet’s future in the hands of the next-generation, we’re definitely seeing a community stepping up and riding the waves of music and conservation.

In light of World Ocean Day this week (June 8), our attention was drawn to Oceanic Global, a production partner of the United Nations and a nonprofit organisation that combines nature, arts, dance music and augmented reality technology as an initiative to raise awareness surrounding ocean conservation.

The organisation voices out their core values sharing, “We believe in the power of music and we are calling on you to be pioneers for creating environmental change.”

Each year Oceanic Global runs a conference of keynote speeches and fireside chats with artists and public figures. This year, they’re shifting onto a virtual live stream named Innovation For Our Ocean.

The Oceanic Standard (TOS) has also created a Music Industry Edition guide and blue rider for promoters and musicians to apply to existing hospitality riders for contracted gigs. The goal is to eliminate plastic use consumption and share explanations and guidance on how carbon offsetting can be achieved effectively. The document provides a step-by-step introduction to carbon offsetting and further encourages promoters and venues to partake in the movement as well as how to raise awareness with fans. It comes paired with a blue rider that looks to set a new standard of sustainability within the music industry. It can be downloaded directly on Oceanic Global’s website here.

The blue rider isn’t the first such initiative, however. Blond:ish and her Bye Bye Plastic Foundation announced an Eco-Rider last year that has so far received the support of around 2,000 artists and agencies who are committed to keeping DJ booths plastic-free. The foundation has further announced a partnership with to develop a carbon footprint tool that aims to monitor the plastic footprint of a business. Read more on the initiative here.

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