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Blond:ish wants to hear your thoughts on plastic in the music industry

Bye Bye Plastic are preparing to launch a Plastic Footprint Calculator

  • Olivia Wycech
  • 3 June 2020
Blond:ish wants to hear your thoughts on plastic in the music industry

Blond:ish and her Bye Bye Plastic Foundation already have a well-publicized goal of ridding plastic from the music industry by 2025. The Eco-Rider, a commitment by DJs and clubs to keep their DJ booths free from plastic, was the first step towards that goal. Today, they tease their next plan of attack.

Bye Bye Plastic have been busy on lockdown. The team have been sharing knowledge via platforms like IG and Twitch, and also kickstarting research aimed at creating baseline data for what will soon be officially unveiled as the Plastic Footprint Calculator, a tool aimed at helping the music industry better understand its footprint because sure, it’s easy to say that we’re using too much plastic, but how much plastic are we actually using?

A preliminary study done by Bye Bye Plastic estimates that every year, the average 2,000 capacity club generates around 4.8 tonnes of plastic waste and 17.7 tonnes of CO2 with respect to cups, straws, and water bottles. Similar to this, the Plastic Footprint Calculator will provide festivals, clubs and individuals with accurate data as well as calculate and monitor the plastic footprint of a business.

The tool is being developed in partnership with and is expected to launch later this year — but first, Bye Bye Plastic need help. In order to better understand the needs of the industry, they’re turning to the community with a few questions to get some insight on where the scene stands when it comes to sustainability, and what would help the actors in it better achieve their sustainable goals. The survey is for everyone: event organizers, party brands, event professionals and of course partygoers, and can be completed in two minutes here.

The Bye Bye Plastic Foundation was founded by Vivie-Ann Bakos (who you know as Blond:ish) and Camille Guitteau. To date, they have grown their team of Eco Warriors to be stationed all over the planet and have more than 2,000 artists and agencies committed to cleaning up our dirty little music industry. You can pledge your support by downloading the Eco-Rider (for free) here.

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