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​A new record store has opened in Shanghai with a free CD exchange for students

sound_in the PARK looks to provide young music fans with an algorithm-free alternative to discover new sounds

  • Olivia Wycech
  • 28 July 2021

A new record store called sound_in the PARK opened last week on Yanping Road in Shanghai with the aim of providing an IRL and algorithm-free alternative for music lovers to discover new sounds.

The shop carries grooves of all flavours and funk, from soul to disco, dance music, electronica, reggae, indie music and world music alongside vinyl published by independent record companies around the world and 7-inch singles.

Founded by music critic, podcast host and Shy People contributor Jiancui alongside DJ Kai.F and in the PARK, the record store is also home to a free CD exchange area that’s geared at middle school and university students who are interested in learning more about music. He’s donated his own collection of CDs that he spent 20 years collecting and by showing their ID, students can receive CDs for free. At the same time, those with music of their own at home are also welcome to donate their private CDs and vinyl towards the program.

Longtime friend and Shy People founder DJ 10000, who also goes by Microhate, expressed his support for the initiative on his platform. “My hometown is a small coastal city and when I was a student, I could only get access to Hong Kong and Taiwan pop music and a small number of foreign tapes through the small record store on the street."

While still in school, he accidentally bought a copy of Music Paradise and discovered the wild world of music outside of the region. He was quickly obsessed.

“It would be nice if I had more music choices and guidance in my ‘blocked’ student days, so I am contributing another ten CDs to the free exchange.”

sound_in the PARK says its core responsibility is to create surprises for people when they encounter music while also providing a public place for different people to discuss and share music.

Visit sound_in the PARK at 98-1, Yanping Road, Shanghai (上海静安区延平路98-1号)

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