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Watch a new documentary honouring the life of synth pioneer Tom Oberheim

Following Oberheim from a draftsman to building his first electronic instrument

  • Becky Buckle
  • 20 February 2022
Watch a new documentary honouring the life of synth pioneer Tom Oberheim

A new documentary is diving into the life and career of synth pioneer Tom Oberheim.

Created by Bright Sparks, the 37-minute documentary includes interviews with Oberheim himself about his journey from a draftsman at National Cash Register to building his first electronic instrument.

The 85-year-old audio engineer has had his instruments played by the likes of Lyle Mays, Prince, Joe Zawinul, Herbie Hancock, and Jam & Lewis.

The documentary also follows the history of electronic music equipment with stories from Moog, Dave Smith of Sequential and more.

Oberheim is also recognised for creating the OB-Xa, DSX, DMX, OB-8 and more.

Music Radar spoke with Tom Oberheim who said: “I congratulate the folks at GForce for all the effort they put forth to create the Bright Sparks video concerned with my history."

"What a great way to tell the Oberheim fans and family what I have been doing all these eight-plus decades, in and out of the music business!”

Bright Sparks: Tom Oberheim producer and GForce co-founder Dave Spiers who told them: “Tom is such an important part of electronic music history, and given the instrumental version of I Monster’s Bright Sparks album features a bonus track dedicated to him, his lack of inclusion in the original documentary always felt like a major omission."

"I’ve always wanted Bright Sparks to be an ever-evolving project, so I’m thrilled to document his fascinating story with a dedicated chapter.”

Watch the documentary below.

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