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​New Dimensions: Singapore’s The Council transcends music into an immersive art experience

“Let the soundscapes take you travelling without moving... “

  • Olivia Wycech
  • 29 January 2021
​New Dimensions: Singapore’s The Council transcends music into an immersive art experience

Faced with a long road to recovery, Singapore’s beloved underground sanctuary The Council refused to accept defeat and has been enterprising in coming up with several concepts to stay afloat. The latest is set to be a large-scale immersive art exhibition that explores the world of light and sound and its impact on human perception.

Curated by The Council, in collaboration with light artist Flex, who previously fit the venue out for events by Plastik Dreams and acts like Peggy Gou and Fur Coat, the art installation at The Substation is a contemplation on the nature and essence of human emotions. Titled New Dimensions, the experience combines sound with perfectly synchronised lights that are in motion, delivering an audio-visual narration that will challenge the notion of how arts and music are understood.

“Driven by our belief that music should not just be heard, but it should also be felt, New Dimensions is designed to be an immersive art experience made for a live audience,” say the organizers of the new concept. “Motivated by a fundamental desire for mystery and transcendence, this ongoing series will bring together light and motion graphic artists, and pair their works with soundscapes from selected musicians to create a temporary zone made for the collective goal of deep listening.”

Singaporean stalwarts like Deen, Muto Masashi, David Carollo, Bongomann and Aldrin have been tasked with soundtracking the five events, which will see a capacity of just 40 people with social distancing measures in place.

The forthcoming even is also the first physical event for The Council this year, though the organizers stress that it is NOT a party. The event description reads: “From the far horizons of the unknown come transcribed tales of New Dimensions in time and space. These are the stories of the future, adventures in which you’ll live in a million could-be years, on a thousand may-be worlds…”

In the aftermath (or midst) of the pandemic, nightclubs and DJ sets have yet to return to Singapore as the island is proceeding with caution. While COVID is largely considered to be under control, Singapore has never been much of risk-taker when it comes to health and safety. As such, small venues like those that The Council operates have been looking for ways to keep their world turning, and if you ever wanted to show support for that late-night haunt that's always there for you at 2am, this would be it.

The experience runs from Ferry 4-6 at The Substation. Get tickets and find more information here.