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Natasha Ejaz & Noni-Mouse drop UK garage-inspired 'Miracle 2.0'

The remixed track presents a sound that's both nostalgic and contemporary with a touch of South Asian flair

  • Amira Waworuntu
  • 25 April 2024
Natasha Ejaz & Noni-Mouse drop UK garage-inspired 'Miracle 2.0'

UK garage gets a fresh twist with the release of ‘Miracle 2.0’, a collaboration between Natasha Ejaz and Noni-Mouse.

Released on April 12, this remix breathes new life into Natasha's original track 'Miracle', which first appeared on her debut album 'Ordinary Miracle' in August 2023.

Drawing inspiration from the early 90s UK Garage vibe, infused with a hint of Bally Sagoo-inspired beats and Urdu influences, the remix is a vibrant homage to a beloved era in music.

Natasha enlisted Noni-Mouse for the remix, drawn by the Mumbai-based DJ and producer's unique style and creative approach.

“Noni-Mouse wanted very much to pay homage to the UK garage scene so we’ve tried our best at bringing a fresh take to that era in music. For me, it was important that the song reach a new audience still retaining the essence of the original and Noni-Mouse made me really happy with her take on this desperate love song Nimra and I had written,” explains Natasha.

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Noni-Mouse's remix captures this spirit, with a sound that's both nostalgic and contemporary thanks to its shuffled beats and perfectly placed syncopated breaks. Complementing the composition are the two layers of vocals; one with its soulful strain and the other with its warped quality that adds to the innovative soundscape of the track.

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Both artists have been making waves in the music scene, with Natasha Ejaz gaining recognition from the likes of Forbes and The News International, and Noni-Mouse having been featured in our 'Artists exciting us in 2024' feature last month.

Listen to ‘Miracle 2.0’ below.

Amira Waworuntu is Mixmag Asia’s Managing Editor, follow her on Instagram.

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