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NaNaSSUS serves a dose of refreshing chillwave in ‘長島冰茶 Long Island Iced Tea’

The track comes with an equally dreamy rendition by British musician Philip Spalding

  • Waiying Ho
  • 25 April 2023
NaNaSSUS serves a dose of refreshing chillwave in ‘長島冰茶 Long Island Iced Tea’

Taiwanese producer NaNaSSUS has teamed up with 令晴Lynn for a bass-heavy chillwave track that narrates the mental journey of an unethical love affair.

NanaSSUS is the alias of one Sarah Wen Yishan (also a member of the electronic music duo The Diamond Tigerz) that was created in order to start a series of experimental creations of different genres, ranging from ambient, downbeat, bass and tribal.

‘長島冰茶 Long Island Iced Tea’ and its refreshing arrangement is based on the actual sweet yet pungent drink itself. Immersing in the taste image of the famous cocktail, the track’s title is inspired by the American Prohibition of the 1920s, specifically the mixing of spirits and cola into a tea-like drink to exploit legal loopholes at the time.

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Starting off with soothing piano play, the just over five-minute composition heads into even more ethereal territory with its light percussions and divine pads, serenaded by heavenly vocals.

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The lyrics are equally as charming as the overall sound, describing a calming beach scene while at the same time romantically narrating the frustrating feelings of indecision. It tells the story of a love affair — seemingly harmless at first, but becomes harder to break away from the more you give yourself into it…just like when sipping on Long Island iced tea.

The track was released on April 20 along with a remix by British producer Philip Spalding filled with even more lo-fi aesthetic. Listen to both versions here.

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