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Mumu Clubhouse invites Jamie Jones for grand opening on March 9

The new beach club sits in the heart of Phuket overlooking a man-made lagoon

  • Words: Miki Kitasako | Image: Mumu Clubhouse
  • 29 February 2024
Mumu Clubhouse invites Jamie Jones for grand opening on March 9

Mumu Clubhouse is set to hold a grand opening event with special headliner Jamie Jones on March 9. The new luxury beach club sits in Bang Tao, Phuket, and is built around the island’s largest man-made lagoon.

Though the event is still next weekend, the venue will be open to the public starting Friday, March 1.

Welsh artist Jamie Jones has attained global fame and respect as the label boss of Hot Creations, championing the sounds of Italian house, and member of Hot Natured alongside Lee Foss. Let's not forget his role as the host of Paradise events for eight seasons at the iconic DC10.

Along with the night's main act, the event is supported by YOYO London’s Leo Greenslade, Pissawong Records' Meltmode b2b Psynus of Humanspectrum Collective, Zoárd, and Rec. 'N Cue (Mumu Clubhouse residents) b2b Wildealer.

In addition to the diverse selection of music, attendees will also come across an audio-visual experience with 3D mapping, lights and a specially crafted stage by Yellaban, a design and production studio from Bangkok.

Mumu Clubhouse is a perfect day-and-night destination as the space allows guests to sit back and relax over cocktails against an idyllic backdrop with Balearic tunes, then switch up to the club’s dancefloors for a late-night affair. Expect an elevated auditory experience as the beach club boasts the German d&b Audiotechnik sound system integrated throughout the venue, creating an immersive sonic atmosphere.

So far, the 4000-capacity venue has already locked in six large-scale events and weekend parties for the year, including “The World’s Biggest Pool Party” during Songkran.

Mumu Clubhouse has also spent quite some time planning before opening so they can make sure the musical programming fits the vibe and tastes of those in Phuket.

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“When it comes to dance music tastes in Thailand, Phuket is its own particular microclimate, some things that work in Bangkok don’t go down that well down here. Upbeat and positive tech house and house tends to go down better in the setting. We will be leaning into that with our programming while also throwing some more progressive bookings in there to shake things up a bit and be part of helping to shape the next dance music chapter on the island,” mentions Arthur Delaney, Creative Director of Mumu Clubhouse.

Design-wise, the space features many unique elements that blend seamlessly for a luxurious feel. “The concept for Mumu sits somewhere between an astrological temple, elevated lounge bar, alien spaceship and out-and-out rave den and I feel like we have managed to balance all those things in a way that feels both playful and classy,” Arthur adds.

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He also highlights the unique features of the venue’s furnishings: “Our bar top from Indonesia is a 22 million-year-old piece of fossilised wood, our furniture has been designed by Indian design house Project 810 and is handcrafted by artisanal woodworkers in New Delhi.”

Additionally, the lighting elements are carefully curated by two studios in Bangkok — Leftover Studios and Yellaban.

In terms of Mumu Clubhouse's sustainability goals, Arthur mentions, “We are proudly committed to reaching the goal of making the Mumu project carbon neutral by 2028.” Some of these initiatives include a tree planting programme, menus printed on plantable seed paper, partnering with ecoSPIRITS (a refillable spirit dispenser) and only using organic and biodynamic wines.

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The venue also features a variety of culinary treats presented in small bites and signature cocktails from Asia’s premier mixologist, Sebastian De La Cruz aka one-half of Mumsfilibaba.

GA tickets and VIP options are still available for Mumu Clubhouse’s grand opening event; get yours here.

Miki Kitasako is Mixmag Asia’s Social Media and Content Producer, follow her on LinkedIn.

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