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mredrollo delivers an emotive EP ready for dance floors, straight out of surgery

The Hong Kong based artist turns a hard struggle around full circle

  • Charles Budd
  • 4 August 2020
mredrollo delivers an emotive EP ready for dance floors, straight out of surgery

Australian-born and Hong Kong based producer and DJ mredrollo only just recently walked out of the hospital after having faced a tortuous period dealing with the big ‘C’ — while on his road to recovery, he self releases this gem of an EP that has us in absolute awe.

Ed is a musician, producer, DJ and certified Ableton instructor. He’s been based in Hong Kong while traveling the region to teach and spread the gospel of electronic music, and it’s about time that things came full circle back to him. While he’s caught our attention, his ‘Circles EP’ has been hitting the local airwaves on RTHK Radio 3 as well as across waves in the UK and Europe.

The self-release is an emotive, classically composed and forward thinking EP with plenty of crafty melodic layering and nifty drum work. Ah yes, we did mention that mredrollo is also a multi-instrumentalist, namely a professional drummer and much prefers to be live on stage than in the studio. ‘Circles EP’ is where he brings himself to that bridge. The EP kicks off with slow burning house vibes on ‘In My Mind’, which eventually ramps up like an energy boost in it’s second half. The title track ‘Circles’ is a sure for the floor, summer crowd-pleaser, with harmonic drifts and crescendos — highly reminiscent of a gaze at the sun while out in a daze at the beach. The third and closing track of the EP is a piano driven melodic house groove with a leisurely pace. Our favourite from this Hong Kong release is the EP opener, ‘In My Mind’.

mredrollo ‘Circles EP’ is out now. You can buy it here and also listen below: