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Xiaolin joins Mr Ho to grace the wax on revered label 2020 Vision's latest compilation EP

'Exit Planet Earth – Helium' welcomes the Hong Kongers alongside Carl Finlow, Plant43, and Alfred

  • Patrizio Cavaliere
  • 11 June 2021
Xiaolin joins Mr Ho to grace the wax on revered label 2020 Vision's latest compilation EP

Fellow Hong Konger's Mr Ho and Xiaolin feature on seminal UK label 2020 Vision's latest 'Exit Planet Earth' compilation instalment with their exquisite track, 'No Change To How I Feel'

We've been waiting patiently for this record to land since it was announced earlier in the year, and it's finally ready to ship from stores worldwide. The 'Helium' edition is the fifth in the series from the long-running Leeds-based imprint's E.P.E vinyl series, and features tracks from label mainstay Carl Finlow, alongside electro maestro Plant43, and emerging UK producer, Alfred. The record represents a cultured blend of profound electronic textures woven over various shades of electro and breakbeat rhythms.

Seasoned and highly respected producer Carl Finlow kicks off proceedings with 'The Oberth Effect', a boldly dramatic exploration into the darker depths of electro exhibiting typically refined production and expertly crafted sonic structure. Plant43 continues the twilight sensory experience with his vaguely sinister 'Forcefield Deactivation', with jarring synth work evolving over crisp drums and enlivened by alien sweeps and space-age effects. Klasse Wrecks co-founder Mr Ho joins forces with Hong Kong neighbour and classical musician-turned-electronic-producer, Xiaolin, for one of the highlights of the record. Bucking the electro trend with a pounding four to the floor kick, the deeply atmospheric 'No Change To How I Feel' deftly defies genres and it powers through the thick night air. Emotive pads soar over gliding arpeggios, low-slung bass and driving drums as the melancholic vocal adds a ghostly feel to the track's distinctively ethereal ambience. Leeds-based newcomer Alfred adds luminosity to the EP with the sprightly broken textures of 'Galaxy Quest', with delicate synth layers and sweeps delightfully interplaying over stripped drums and feel-good refrains.

Exceptional work all-round on this solid 12”, and it's particularly pleasing to see players from the uncompromising end of Asia's electronic music spectrum grace the wax of one of the global underground's most highly respected and established labels.

'Exit Planet Earth – Helium' is out now on 2020 Vision, you can buy it here

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