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Monstercat welcomes a ‘New World’ by Hoaprox

A major release by Vietnam’s ‘golden boy’ of EDM

  • Elaine Chung
  • 29 May 2020
Monstercat welcomes a ‘New World’ by Hoaprox

Hoaprox is praised as the ‘golden boy’ of Vietnamese EDM, and he’s been gunning high at his young age of 23. A larger than life birthday gift came his way when his most recent collaboration hit digital shelves under global dance label behemoth, Monstercat.

Taking further and fresh steps into the world of future bass, ‘New World’ is a collaboration with Monstercat-stable artist Rogue. Rogue has been a part of the Monstercat family since close to the beginning, for over 8 years, making this release with Hoaprox a prestigious one for the young Vietnamese producer.

The track bridges drum ‘n’ bass and future bass, and is straight up club material. Luckily, one of the few places in the world where the clubs are currently thriving right now is Vietnam — all major clubs are back in action and will probably welcome a homemade slice of beat-heavy pie.

Monstercat has been leading the EDM game for close to a decade now, with an immense global following and a platform that has become admirable to young producers around the world. The counter-balance of strength that Hoaprox brings is his accolade of being Vietnam’s ‘golden boy’ of the country’s mainstream dance scene — the East-West power play on this release will certainly create more exciting avenues for artists trying to break through with major players like Monstercat.

Hoaprox “New World’ feat. Rogue is out today, Friday 29 May. You can listen to it below.

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