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Shaun Moses aims for the techno jugular via the fierce rhythms of 'Repetitive'

The Goan artist dons his new MOSES moniker for the warehouse-ready release

  • Patrizio Cavaliere
  • 6 December 2022
Shaun Moses aims for the techno jugular via the fierce rhythms of 'Repetitive'

Goan producer Shaun Moses dives deeper into techno's ferocious outer reaches on his latest release. Adopting his new MOSES moniker for an outing on Spanish label, Suara, his new 'Repetitive' tracks sees him hit harder than ever.

Shaun opted to jettison his given name for the release, with its harder edge sitting a few degrees apart from his more familiar production aesthetic. "My second alias was mainly created to segregate my sound as an artist as I didn't want to mix it up with my main alias," he told Mixmag Asia. "The productions under MOSES cater to a more raw, trippy, hypnotic and fast-paced sound that I love making and playing from time to time."

The pounding new track is released as part of 'Suara's Dia Sero VI' compilation, featured alongside tracks from the likes of Arnaud Le Texier, Toru Ikemoto, and Joaquin Ruiz. True to Moses' intention, 'Repetitive' bursts from the blocks, the industrial groove galloping at an intense tempo as synth hooks undulate and drums smack hard. Designed with late-night warehouse sessions in mind, this is dance-rooted techno in its most unfettered form, and certainly not for the faint-hearted.

Full-bodied and primed to ignite havoc on the floor, this is an intriguing string to Moses' production bow, and its arrival on the revered Suara label is sure to further enhance his reputation as an artist with something to say.

You can listen to 'Repetitive' here:

Moses 'Repetitive' is out December 9 via Suara. You can buy it here or via the player

Patrizio Cavaliere is Mixmag Asia's Music Editor, follow him on Instagram

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