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More Rice is a vinyl-only label launching in Asia this July

The imprint debuts with a 4-track EP called 'Igado'

  • Olivia Wycech
  • 24 May 2017
More Rice is a vinyl-only label launching in Asia this July

The global music community has long been hungry for music coming out of Asia and More Rice intends to feed it just that in the form of vinyl-only releases showcasing homegrown Asian talent.

The collaborative project brings together three friends from Bangkok and Manila who have uncovered a wealth of production talent in the region as well as share the same passion and dedication for building the music community in their home territories. They also share the likeminded goal of becoming a platform that connects these music communities and highlights talent from all over Asia but without ever limiting themselves to any one genre along the way.

The concept for More Rice was spun out of these fundamentals and the label will produce all kinds of releases produced by native Asian artists so long as they embody a dance floor ethos. It will with then help polish things off with a more electronic focused rework by friends of the imprint from around the world, eventually connecting the East with the West one piece of rice at a time.

But not wanting to take themselves too seriously, the team are conveying the same fun and passion that they've put into the label into its branding and thus More Rice will be served with a lighthearted twist of cultural humor along the way.

Every More Rice release will be limited to 300 copies to be distributed by Lobster Distribution and found in record shops worldwide.

The first release comes from Manila based live electronic music duo Tarsius who have become heavyweights in the region for marrying Diego Mapa's production prowess with Jay Gapasin's dexterity on the drums. The result is a rolling, percussive and distinguishable sound that features prominently on 'Igado EP'.

The A-side starts with ‘Trickle Down’ and whisks together an ominous bassline with live percussive sounds while ‘Cerium’ sounds more like the pair’s signature wild style of dance music.

The B-side slows things down a notch with the emotive melodies found on ‘AM’ that were inspired by an obscure 1970s Filipino composer. Swiss DJ and producer Manuel Fischer then reworks the track for the final number and with the help of some drum machine programming, the ‘Farang Kee-Nok Remix’ is destined for dance floors.

MR001 ‘Igado’ EP by Tarsius comes out on More Rice July 21st and it will be available for pre-order on June 12th

Connect with More Rice on Facebook here

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